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6 Amazing Facts About Lake Como

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Equal parts scenic wonderland and celebrity hangout, Lake Como is one of Italy’s most impressive holiday destinations. A leisure capital since the early days of the Roman Empire, Lake Como’s charm has attracted visitors for thousands of years. From beaches and boats to skiing and cuisine, Lake Como has a huge amount to offer. From intriguing geography to interesting history, read on to discover six amazing facts about Lake Como.

Lake Cuomo

Image: Forest Service Northern Region via Flickr

1. It’s one of Europe’s deepest lakes

Those ferry visitors that take on their Lake Como holidays aren’t just travelling across any old European lake. Lake Como is one of Europe’s deepest lakes, travelling over 400 metres into the earth and 200 metres below sea level at its deepest point.

2. It’s Hollywood’s top holiday spot

From George Clooney to David Beckham, Lake Como has a talent for attracting the world’s biggest names. The region’s immense natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle have made it a favourite of the world’s movie stars, musicians, political leaders and entrepreneurs.

3. It’s home to some of Europe’s finest scenery

Where else can you soak in beautiful Italian scenery while sipping a cocktail, take to the slopes while soaking in panoramic mountain scenery, and retreat to a lakeside villa for the evening, all in the same day?

Lake Como’s incredible scenery has made it a top relaxation hotspot for holidays in need of peace and tranquillity, and an A-list destination for adventurers and sports gurus seeking the ultimate alpine thrill.

4. It was a favourite of Rome’s elites

At the peak of the Roman Empire, some of Rome’s wealthiest leaders retreated not to Pompeii or Capri, but to the shores of Lake Como. Pliny the Younger, an imperial magistrate, built two resorts in the region – the Comedia and the Tradedia.

5. It’s one of Italy’s top culinary hotspots

Lake Como is a great place to sample some of Italy’s finest food. From classics such as polenta and pizza to famous Lombardy dishes like Cotoletta alla Milanese – veal cutlers cooked in olive oil – the entire Lake Como region is an excellent destination for lovers of Northern Italian food.

6. It experiences some of Italy’s most amazing weather

Due to its mountainous terrain and northern location, Lake Como attracts some of the most remarkable weather patterns in Italy. Enjoy fresh snowfall during winter, often accompanied by rainstorms and lightning. In summer, the region’s weather transforms into a Mediterranean climate unique to Northern Italy.

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