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5 Venice Tips You Won’t Find in the Guidebook

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You may think that reading a couple of Venice guidebooks on the plane will put you in the perfect position to make the most of your Venice trip. Yes, a guidebook will give you an idea of the top spots to visit and most interesting things to do, but there are a few little tips out there that simply don’t get covered enough as they should. Reading on here you’ll find a few of those top tips!

Ristorante Trattoria, Alla Basilica

Just minutes from the Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Square is a splendid restaurant that serves up a lot cheaper meal than the majority of the restaurants in the same area. The guidebooks will tell you that to find a cheap meal you’ll have to search the side streets as far away from Saint Mark’s Square as possible. Well that’s not quite true with this restaurant just 400 metres away from the square.

Their €14 lunch is almost unrivalled in the Floating City and it’s not your typical Menu del Giorno either. From fantastic Italian pastas to juicy cuts of meat, this menu is the perfect way to fuel up during the day on top Italian grub. You’ll find this hidden gem on Calle Albanesi 4255-4260 if you fancy checking it out.

Don’t Drown!

Venice, Italy

This tip may not be in most guidebooks simply because it is not usually relevant, but with Venice sinking and sinking each year this could soon become useful. You may in Venice hear a loud piercing siren like and air-raid siren. This does not mean that you should duck for cover, rather that you should find some high ground quickly! Venice’s siren means that the lagoons are about to flood the streets and while it might not get to the point of looking like a disaster movie, you’ll want to keep your feet dry.

Spritz al Bitter

White wine, campari and soda water! That’s what makes this drink so special!

Stronger than most drinks to be found in the city, this drink will have you under the table in just three or four. Luckily, however, that won’t set you back very much at all with each spritz costing less than €3. The drink comes from the rule of Austria in 19th century Venice and was so loved that it has stayed.

Staying on the cheap

Not all guidebooks will have a section on accommodation, but they should given that it will probably be the biggest expense of your stay. Hotels in Venice will cost a large amount, making apartments more and more popular. With over 170 apartments across the Floating City, GowithOh is one of the first places you should look for accommodation in the city and you’ll likely find a trendy place that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Needing the loo!

Venice Italy at night

In Venice, all of the owners of the little cafés are obliged to let you use their bathroom. They cannot refuse you service even if you are not buying any drinks. That doesn’t mean that the owners will always cooperate, but you can more often than not try your luck and find a warm response. It does help to avoid any frowning baristas, of course, if you buy a coffee or beer. And with Italian coffee in plentiful supply, why wouldn’t you want to!?

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