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5 Myths About Scuba Diving

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There are plenty of people in the world who enjoy scuba diving. They enjoy the sights and the scenery that is not viewed by most people, and they enjoy the freedom to roam around with sea creatures in their natural habitats.

As with any sport, there are plenty of myths associated with scuba diving. Since it’s not extremely popular, most people have the wrong perception of it. The following are a few common myths about scuba diving.

Myth 1: Only people who live near beaches can scuba dive.

Though it’s more convenient for you to take up scuba diving if you live near the beach, it’s not a requirement. People all over the world, no matter where they live, can become certified in scuba diving, as you can learn to scuba dive in any body of water.

Though you may want to experience the undersea world of a tropical ocean, scuba diving is also great in lakes and rivers too. Different sea creatures live in different bodies of water, and no matter where you decide to scuba dive, you will easily encounter something wonderful.

Myth 2: I need to buy too much stuff to get certified.

It’s true that you do need a great deal of gear in order to scuba dive, but you don’t have to invest in it all just to get your certification. Most places that certify you will allow you to rent their equipment during your training. Even after you’re certified, you can still scuba dive in great places without spending the money on equipment, as most diving centers will allow you to rent their equipment too. Though it’s always safer to use your equipment (because you’ll know how it was cared for), renting equipment can easily cut down the cost.

Myth 3: Scuba diving is for men.

Are we stuck in the 70s? Both males and females can enjoy scuba diving. Though there are still more male scuba divers than there are female scuba divers, the difference is not that much. Plus, many gear manufacturers are noticing the popularity the sport has among women and are creating gear specifically for women divers. This gear is created to fit a woman’s body more effectively, which helps keep women divers safe.

Myth 4: Scuba diving is too expensive.

In order to get certified, you will have to spend anywhere from $200 to $500, but that certification will last you forever, and it will allow you to see places of the world that most people will never see. If you stop eating fast food for one month, you’ll easily be able to afford to get certified.

And yes, you will need equipment, but as mentioned before, you don’t have to purchase your equipment. Renting is possible, and renting equipment, especially if you don’t plan on scuba diving often, is extremely cost-effective.

Myth 5: There Is no difference between scuba diving and snorkeling.

Snorkeling is great. You get to float on top of the water while watching reefs and sea creatures in action, but you’re limited to watching from afar.

Scuba diving allows you to get up close and personal with the events that are taking place deep below the water’s surface. You can see creatures that don’t move past the ocean floor, and you can watch as two fish get into fights or see how animals act in their own habitats. Though snorkeling is fun, it’s certainly not the same as swimming with the fish.

Noah Parker lives in Denver and works with a travel agency.  He enjoys writing about golfing, scuba diving, and traveling in his spare time.

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