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5 Easy Ways To Immerse Yourself In A Foreign Culture To Learn A Language

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When you’re in school you get forced into learning a language. That’s great if you find it interesting, but for most children they don’t really care whether or not they can communicate with people from a different country. Why would they? But sometimes things change as you get older. Once you start experiencing different cultures you start to understand why learning a language would be such a great idea.

It’s no longer forced upon you. It’s a personal choice, and a pretty good one. You’ve probably heard it’s better to learn a language abroad. It’s completely true. Not only will you learn it much quicker, but it’s also a lot more enjoyable than spending your time in some night school surrounded by people like you. You can learn a language in lots of ways and we can look at the best ones now.

First there’s the language school

Language schools can be really cheap. Depending on which country you go to it could cost less than a few hundred dollars. That’s for someone teaching you every day. The only downside with a language school is that you won’t be immersed in the culture. But that shouldn’t matter because you have plenty of time to speak with locals when class is finished. At least with a class you are learning from proper professionals.

Or you could get a job

You’re not going to walk into a nice fancy job with anyone to manage, but nothing is stopping you from getting a job in a bar. Especially if you aim for one that’s foreign. Jobs in Irish bars are usually easy to come by and you don’t even need to be Irish. This way you get to speak to all your customers and learn the language as you live it.

Fall in love

You don’t need to run out and get married just yet. But if you have a local girlfriend she can be a great person to teach you the local lingo. Just tell her you don’t want to speak any English at all. Then you’ll be forced to learn quick. And the best thing about a girlfriend is she’ll always be around to point out your mistakes. Something normal locals might let you away with.

Get a new hobby

There must be something you want to learn. Maybe it’s the local dance. Even a sport you are interested in and don’t just want to watch on TV anymore. Once you start a new hobby you will be surrounded by locals straight away. If you want to understand what they’re speaking about you are once again forced to try harder to learn. I bet the first words you’ll pick up are swear words.

You can swap skills

It’s guaranteed there will be someone there who wants to learn English. If you find such a person you can swap skills. You teach them and they’ll teach you. Even if you meet up with someone every day for a nice cup of coffee you can maybe do a 30 minute lesson each. This way you don’t have to pay any money and you also make a good friend.

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