May 15

3 Ways to Cut Costs On Travel Expenses

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Business travel tends to burn a huge hole in your pocket with all that it requires. It’s hard not to spend a sizable amount of money on accommodation, transport and office space when it involves the company. There are, however, ways you can reduce some of the costs, so long as you are willing to try new things. Here are 3 ways you can cut costs on travel expenses during your next business trip.

Travel and Accommodation

The Drake Hotel Chicago Illinois

Perhaps the most expensive part of a business trip is the travel and the accommodation, so first and foremost, it is important to find a way to reduce these costs. Finding the best rates can be tricky, so consider seeking advice from a travel agency or management service before making any final decisions. Approach a company or a website that specialises in the needs of business travellers, such as Corporate Traveller . By comparing different airlines and hotels, think about what is the cheapest option with the best value and work from there. With flights, always book as early as possible if you are looking for a discount. Many airlines will make exceptions for frequent flyers, so if this is you, jump at the chance.

Use What You’ve Got

The beaufort hotel london

Bringing food for yourself is one thing, but knowing how to buy for others can be difficult and, in turn, a bit pricey. Bringing supplies from home will greatly diminish the costs of your trip, because time will be saved in the process. For a cheap but effective fix, consider bringing a box of snacks, such as energy bars. Another way to use what you’ve got is to run the meeting your hotel room, rather than renting out an office space. This might seem improper, but in fact it couldn’t be more proper. A nice hotel will include a bathroom for its guests, a few chairs and couches to sit on, and reliable services from the hotel staff. Above all, your team will feel more relaxed in a low-key environment like a hotel room, so consider making this change.


Laptop and a view

Business travel is important, but over the years telecommuting has become more and more frequent due to its ability not only to cut costs, but to get rid of costs altogether. Videoconferences, online chatting and the many other wonders of the Internet have done wonders for the business world. Phone calls are also an effective means of communication because, like the Internet, they require no physical travel, yet the job still gets done. Even if you are still required to travel, you might not have to stay as long if you decide to telecommute for part of it.

Again, physical meetings are an important part of any job, and they will often be a necessary part of your business. But reducing the budget just a little bit will not only allow for more things in the future, it will also enhance your creativity as a businessperson. There is a tendency to stick to what is familiar, and indeed, experimentation often leads to even larger costs, so tradition can be constructive way of doing business. But in the long run, allowing for a bit of trial and error could significantly cut your costs in the future, and as a result, will allow for a more efficient company.

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